In this assignment from School of Motion's Design Bootcamp, I was tasked with designing and animating a video promoting an EDM music festival sponsored by Diesel. 
Research on Diesel's Brand Voice led me to conclude that the Diesel brand is representative of the "Smart Rebel" — equal parts sophistication and bold originality. So, I needed the visuals to feel "Diesel Premium" while illustrating aspects of a live EDM experience. 
To achieve this, I made heavy use of triangles for their implication of singular, unwavering direction as well as the literal representation of a play button. Chosen textures had to feel intrinsically "premium," representative of luxury in leather and precision in a triangle grid. The colors obeyed Diesel's Red, Black, & White palette. The animation was guided by the chaotic movements of energetic dancing and flashing lights that would be right at home backing the stage of an EDM concert. 
Style Frames
Mood Board
A page from Diesel's Brand Book